About Walker Forestry Services

Forestry and agricultural properties in much the same way as any other property market offer landowners with the security of owning a physical asset.

At Walker Forestry Services we look to source suitable forestry properties for our clients and put in place effective management strategies based upon individual requirements including targeting individual budgets.

Unlike other property markets much of the value of the property is generated from the biological growth of underlying forestry and farm forestry crops.

The surge in interest for this established market has placed Walker Forestry Services at the forefront of making innovative acquisitions and developing forestry opportunities located within the UK and Ireland for our clients.

We look to offer our clients a service that offers support through our diverse team of individuals experienced in forestry, agriculture, land acquisitions, and forestry product marketing allowing us to identify high value properties that can generate significant returns for landowners.

We invite individuals to visit us with prior notice to discuss their requirements.

Marketing Services

For any landowner looking to generate income from the disposal of timber and / or forest products the thought of contacting third parties and obtaining fair pricing can be overwhelming.

 Through strategic partnerships and our experience we look to aid clients in the disposal and sale of timber and forest products, through a number of varied channels.

We therefore offer clients full support in order to maximise their returns from forestry.


Walker can provide individuals and organisations with complete forestry management plans and steps to work towards achieving the goals set by those landowners and property investors.

Walker through our experience within the industry can offer varied strategies to maximise income and increase effective use of barren lands.