Why Forestry

It is known that property owners and property investors acquire forestry both for lifestyle and/or financial gain.

Alongside other benefits such as lifestyle, forestry offers the astute property owner diversification from many other traditional property markets. This coupled with the security of owning not only the land but a physical asset,  provides income through actual biological growth of planted and/or maintained forestry crops at harvest.

Typically many species may reach market maturity at anywhere between 25 to 100 years, income may be generated for the landowner by tailoring the purchase of suitable properties to either mature or semi-mature forestry which can then be maintained through to harvest.

Alternatively the establishment of farm forestry crops such as Christmas trees which are planted more in line with agriculture than standard forestry practises, may provide landowners with significant financial gains on unused land in as little as 5 years from establishment.

Walker prides itself on its ability in providing innovative forestry strategies within the UK and Ireland that match our clients needs. We are dedicated to providing property owners and property investors with a service that enables each individual to achieve obtainable goals.


  • Aiding in property transactions and identifying suitable land for property owners.
  • Recommending various strategies for crops and / or management of those crops.
  • Dealing with companies experienced within the forest and wood products industry.
  • Wood product marketing.


  • Transparent property ownership.
  • Full control of the day to day operations of farm and forestry properties held by individuals.